Online Resources

Here are some online resources to help edify your faith and further your study of the WHOLE Bible.

Joined To HaShem Visit Joined to HaShem for weekly Torah commentary and video teachings by Mike Clayton.  You’ll also find a wonderful, detailed study on the book of Matthew, along with articles, “Questions of Our Day,” Mike’s Itinerary, and links to many other resources to help you on your journey of faith and obedience.

Hebraic Roots NetworkThe Hebraic Roots Network (HRN) offers resources to help you find a local congregation or home study/fellowship group.  You’ll also find conference schedules and their online store with DVD teachings, written study materials, and the latest Messianic music on CD.

HRN On-DemandThe HRN On Demand website offers live streaming and on-demand video teaching by many of our favorite Hebrew Roots/Messianic teachers, including Brad Scott, Bill Cloud, Ed Harris, Rico Cortes, Hollisa Alewine, and more.  HRN also has a Roku channel.

Alliance of Redeemed IsraelPioneers of the modern Two-House Messianic understanding, Angus & Batya Wooten present the Alliance of Redeemed Israel, an online resource for the Whole House of Israel, including a directory of congregations and home fellowships, an online store chock-full of books, CD/DVD teachings, Hebrew language study tools, dance videos, and more.  You’ll also find the latest info on ARI conferences.

More to be added soon!